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Sam's original phone shortly before it gets destroyed by Missy, the phone she stole from Missy later and her PearPhone in iParty with Victorious. But, in iRocked the VoteSam says and proves by examples to Spencer, she is an expert at lying. Piss lover blonde stunner stripping naked in close, nude teens from icarly. She says " Ti consiglio di fare gli auguri di compleanno a Carly ora, altrimenti ti spezzo le gambe! Home kategorien kostenlose. Juicy sex stories - free sex quality, original.

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In iParty with Victoriousit is revealed that Sam is actually quite good at rapping when she faces Rex in a rap battle.

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She also comments that, "All creative people worry that their stuff is lame. Piss lover blonde stunner stripping naked in close, nude teens from icarly. In the episode iTwins it was revealed that she has an identical twin sister, Melanie Puckett. In iChristmasmany minor quirks of Sam were revealed. Home kategorien kostenlose. She sang the theme songs of "Drake and Josh" as well as "Victorious" before in a web video also seen during the end credits of iGot a Hot Room with Freddie and Carly, and Sam also enjoys singing here on the ninth photo of the gallery. Sam is portrayed as a tomboyish, sarcastic, aggressive, and sometimes-bullying bad girl, who has no respect for the rules or other people except Carly, Freddie, Spencer, and Gibby, sometimes.

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