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Viet is not expected to suffer much since he has no career as of yet. Hoang had cultivated a good-girl image as part of her role on Vanh Anhwhere she plays the schoolgirl Vanh Anh. Decrease Increase Email article: It's absolutely unfair. Currently Viet is studying overseas, and he says his friends copied the video from his laptopand posted it on the internet last week on October That is also the question about the sexual revolution among the young people in Vietnam nowadays. The video was a five-minute clip posted from a cell phone.

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But unlike the naughty American celebrity, the year-old woman at the centre of Vietnam's sex scandal had cultivated a good-girl image.

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Sex video killed TV star Article from: The Associated Press: Lee on Oct 26, 07 5: They would be held for three months pending an inquiry. Her fall from grace has highlighted the generational fault-lines in Vietnam, a sexually conservative culture within which women have been taught for centuries to remain chaste until marriage and stay true to one man - no matter how many times he cheats on them.

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