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Still, that just adds to the excitement, and thousands of young ravers will no doubt be attending next year as well. In fact, girls have to think pretty hard about how they can get away with wearing less and less each year, while still being legally allowed to go outside. Thousands of girls that wear tiny amounts of clothing flock there each year. Now more than ever, you can see some of the hottest girls ever at Anime conventions such as "Anime Revolution" in Vancouver, Canada. Woman Fest will become Britain's first all-female festival e-mail

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Halloween is perhaps the best night out of the year to spot girls in the hottest costumes ever. You only have to do a quick search on the internet to find out the wide array of sexy costumes that are available to girls these days, and the possibilities are endless. Cardi B aside, Wireless is perpetually guilty of failing to book enough women. Attendees are encouraged to wear all white, so that they are an "empty canvas" for the paint. And they dressed more like they were going camping than to a Vegas pool party — flannels and enormous pants and polo shirts were cool. And normally [they're] in packs of their friends that are kind of protective," she says.

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