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When Sai is introduced to the group, Naruto, who had met him earlier, greets him in disgust, whereas Sakura is shown surprised by his similar looks towards their former teammate. In disbelief of Sasuke's words, Naruto sticks up to the team and reminds Sasuke of the bridge scene where Sasuke had also 'unintentionally' saved him as well. When Sakura is immobilized by Gaara 's sand, Naruto fights Gaara with promising himself and Sasuke entrusting him that he would save her [Sakura] no matter what. Later, the group reunites with Sai and runs into Sasuke. After the team fails to pass the first test, they are given another chance. During the fight between Naruto and Sasuke at the hospital's rooftop, Sakura pleads her teammates to stop, but with no avail. Naruto then nervously points out that the two are alone.

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That night, Sakura although hesitant, begins to confess to Naruto about Sasuke and his Cursed Seal's aggressive side-effects.

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Sakura Hiden: Thoughts of Love, Riding Upon a Spring Breeze

After Haku reveals his true gender to Naruto, a stupefied Naruto says to himself that Haku is otherwise prettier than Sakura in disbelief. Later, Naruto decides to lock away the Sasuke to give a chance for him to talk to Sakura. Sakura then tells Naruto that she understands Hinata's feelings very well, stating that once a girl falls in love, their feelings can't change. Naruto soon expresses his concern over her condition, staring intently at her as she sits under a tree. Curious, Sakura approaches Sai and greets him to where he in embarrassment, tries to cover the books that he was reading. After the news of Gaara's capture, Naruto starts continually going further ahead of the group in haste despite Sakura and Kakashi's protests.

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