When do dax and worf start dating

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Before her funeraland shortly before his departure from Deep Space 9 on a leave of absenceSisko confessed to her that he needed her most now, and painfully regretted that she was gone, also mentioning that, while Curzon was his mentor, Jadzia was his friend. One son, Alexanderborn 43rd day of Maktag Earth equivalent Quarters: She and Julian were rescued just as the air ran out. During her first few years on Deep Space 9, Jadzia was romanced both by Dr. While in the latter program, Kira's lack of familiarity with the storyline led her to knock out Lancelot when he tried to kiss her, as she was playing a married woman at the time.

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After their relationship ends she eventually moves on to Dr.

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Jadzia Dax

His biggest qualm has been a quest for privacy, and took quarters on the usually empty Defiant to relieve the edginess he had felt ever since arriving here. Her death shakes the crew to its core: As such, Jadzia has access to all the skills and memories of the symbiont's seven previous hosts. However, her most notable and serious suitors include:. Kahn was the one who refused to continue the relationship. Or Worf because he was raised by Humans despite being Klingon?

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when do dax and worf start dating
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when do dax and worf start dating
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when do dax and worf start dating
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